Unmatched Criminal Law Experience

You are defending yourself against criminal charges. In the legal world, winning is not a matter of brute strength. The advantage goes to the one with knowledge and experience. You need to work with an attorney who has both of these attributes if you want to win.

At Sumrall & Welch, PLLC, we bring decades of experience working in criminal law and defending clients against all types of criminal charges. Representing clients in Jackson and throughout the state of Mississippi, we use our in-depth experience to expose holes in the prosecutors’ cases and defend our clients’ freedom. Avoid going to prison or paying heavy fines. Fight back with the best weapon you have.

Focused Experience

Attorney Andy Sumrall has been practicing criminal law for more than 40 years. In that time, he has successfully defended countless clients against all types of criminal charges.

Attorney Thomas P. Welch brings exceptional knowledge as a former attorney with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and a criminal defense lawyer with nearly 20 years of legal experience.

Winning Your Case

All of this knowledge and experience means nothing if we can’t win your case. At Sumrall & Welch, we leverage our experience to the benefit of our clients.

Attorney Welch’s experience as an attorney with the Bureau of Narcotics gives us a unique edge. In every criminal case, there are a few things that will make or break the case. Certain issues can result in the dismissal of charges or a not-guilty verdict: errors in the police report, mistakes during the arrest like lack of probable cause and failure to read the arrestee his or her rights, and other discrepancies.

When defending our clients, we know how to find the errors and discrepancies that will keep you out of prison. We know how to anticipate how the prosecutor will approach these cases and how to get the results you need.

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