Do Not Let One Mistake Destroy Your Life

Seeing the police lights in the rear-view mirror when you know you’ve been drinking can be one of the most anxiety-ridden experiences a person can go through. The thought of jail, fines and a ruined reputation can bring anyone down. However, it is important to remember: Your life is not over. With the help of a skilled, experienced criminal defense lawyer, it is possible to fight back and minimize the damage this instance can have on your life.

We can help. Sumrall & Welch, PLLC, is a criminal defense firm located in Jackson and serving clients throughout the state of Mississippi. Our attorneys bring decades of criminal law experience to bear on every case we handle. We have built a strong reputation for providing a successful defense against DUI charges and other criminal charges in Mississippi.

Aggressive Defense

Our attorneys have unique experience fighting all types of criminal charges, including DUI. Although the penalties for DUI in Mississippi can be severe, especially with multiple convictions, our lawyers know how to fight these charges.

We know how to examine the arrest report, challenge the breathalyzer and blood tests, and break down any roadside testing done by the police. In many cases, the police will make a critical error that can result in a mistrial, which means you can go free.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience advocating for our clients in contested hearings and at trial. We have handled criminal cases of all levels of severity, from simple misdemeanors to the most serious felony cases. If there is any way to make these charges go away, we will find it.

Do Not Delay

The sooner you get our lawyers involved, the more we can do to help you. Call us right away at 601-355-8775 or contact us online to get your case started.

We offer free initial consultations, so there is no risk in meeting with us, discussing your case and determining whether to hire us for your defense.