Mississippi Criminal Defense

In any legal system, when someone is charged with a criminal offense, the defendant is going to need a criminal defense attorney.

There are various stages and various processes for which a defendant needs an attorney. The stages include the initial investigation, the arrest, the process of getting charged, bail procurement, pretrial preparation and, if it goes all the way, the trial itself. The defendant should insist on having access to an attorney at each of these stages.

Furthermore, being arrested and charged with a felony or misdemeanor, a theft crime, or any criminal offense, is a traumatic and emotional experience. The penalties for violating federal or Mississippi state laws could be severe and could include imprisonment (possibly for years or even life), fines, the loss of a license or community service, or even, in capital crimes in Mississippi, the death sentence.

In addition, the accused faces public humiliation and, in certain types of crimes, such as violent offenses, sex offenses or murder, the potential to be shunned by family members and co-workers and to receive a great deal of media coverage.

Going it alone in hopes that you will help to persuade the police to drop charges is not really an option. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney from the very start of an investigation – before you are even charged – to guide you on what to say and what not to say so that you don’t damage your case through incautious talk.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide you with answers to your questions and offer a number of skills and services, including:

  • Ensuring that you get bail quickly: This can be done either by arranging your payment of a cash bond or organizing a bail bond through a bonding company.
  • Dealing appropriately with the documentation: Filling in the forms correctly and on time may be vital in cases such as an asset forfeiture, when incorrect completion of the relevant forms may mean you lose your property by default.
  • Knowledge of the correct procedures within different jurisdictions: You could be accused of a Mississippi state crime, a federal crime or both. You need a criminal defense attorney who is skilled and experienced in the procedures and laws that will apply in your case.
  • Getting the right specialist experts: If, for example, you are involved in a complex fraud case, you are going to need a forensic accountant to help your criminal defense. If you are charged with a DUI offense, your attorney may need to arrange private blood tests to help your defense. There are many other types of cases in which the attorney needs to arrange for specialist support.
  • Courtroom procedures and cross-examination: You need a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in courtroom procedures and cross-examination. For example, in many sex crimes, there are often no witnesses to the alleged offense, and the entire case may depend on how the jury assesses the credibility of both the defendant and the alleged victim. Outstanding cross-examination skills are required to provide a powerful defense.
  • Emotional support: A defense attorney can, by demonstrating his competence and confidence about the case and displaying empathy toward the client, maintain the morale of the accused during this traumatic experience.

We here at Sumrall & Welch, PLLC, in Jackson, Mississippi, will  provide an aggressive criminal defense on your behalf. We are committed to protecting the constitutional rights of individuals. At our criminal defense law firm, we will thoroughly investigate each charge in order to gather the necessary information that will help your defense and expose any flaws in the prosecution’s case.

Choosing the right attorney for you who has the knowledge and experience you need can help to put your mind at ease, knowing your case is in safe hands. We are criminal defense attorneys who have the experience to deal with your case, whether it is a federal or state case.

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