Avoid Going To Prison On Robbery Charges

There are many things to be anxious about if you have been charged with robbery in Mississippi. Fines and a ruined reputation for the rest of your life are significant concerns. But for the vast majority of people facing serious criminal charges of this kind, the most important concern is to avoid prison. No one wants to visit a prison, much less spend time incarcerated there.

It is critical to fight back against robbery charges so you can avoid having to go to prison.

At Sumrall & Welch, PLLC, we are a Mississippi law firm located in Jackson. Our attorneys have decades of experience fighting for clients and providing strong criminal defense against robbery charges. Attorney Thomas P. Welch, Jr., has worked on both sides of criminal law, which gives our firm a critical edge when defending against charges. We know what to look for, what the other side will be doing strategically and how to win your case.

What Is Robbery?

Most people understand that robbery is a theft crime, but many don’t understand the specifics of robbery charges, even some folks who are facing these charges. Robbery is more than a simple theft crime. It also involves use of violence or the fear of violence. This can be distinguished from a burglary which involves taking another’s property but does not involve any force or threat of bodily harm.

Robbery involves enhanced penalties compared to other theft crimes, and the penalties are increasingly severe depending on factors like the use of dangerous weapons, the use of actual force, actual harm committed against the victim and related factors.

Fight Back Now Against These Charges

A mistake in your criminal defense could be catastrophic for your life. The biggest mistake that someone in your position could make is to try to defend themselves alone or with an inexperienced lawyer.

We have built a strong reputation for successful settlements and verdicts for our clients, making Sumrall & Welch a trusted name in criminal defense.

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